World's AIDS day - Somerset school children join hands with South Africa
1st December 2010
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Za is pleased to announce that an exhibition of art and prose by school children from North Somerset and the Nkomazi, South Africa will be on display to the public at @Bristol between Saturday 27th November and Sunday 5th

December 2010. @Bristol is one of the UK’s leading science and discovery centres situated on the Harbourside in Bristol.

st December and remembers people who are living with HIV or have died from an AIDs related illness. The display has been created by children to mark Worlds AIDs Day which happens every year on 1

Pupils took this year’s World AIDs Day theme ‘Universal access to HIV testing and treatment as a human right’

But what is the link between these two groups of school children who live 6,000 miles apart?

Well, they have more in common than you might suppose. All the schools that have contributed to this exhibition are part of a Global School Partnerships programme funded by the British Council. This links 17 schools in the UK with 17 schools in the Nkomazi. The exhibition is just one of many collaborative projects planned between the link schools.

At Za Foundation,  we work in partnership with both communities to provide support, educational opportunities and resources. We regularly bring a group of young people from the Nkomazi, to the UK to work with local school children. You can see some of the work that is done to support children affected by HIV in Nkomazi at and follow them on facebook

This is only the first stop on a long journey. The exhibition will tour schools in North Somerset and then travel 6,000 miles south to visit schools in the Nkomazi district of South Africa. At each stop, we are asking visitors to add their own wishes for the world.

We have only been able to display a selection of the wishes in the exhibit, however, a virtual gallery is currently being established so all the wishes can be viewed online at: You can also find out more about our charitable work on this website.

The exhibition is being mounted in the public café area at the entrance to @Bristol. Details can also be found on the @Bristol website which also gives information on how to get there

and worked on a piece of art or writing to express their wish for the world on World AIDs Day.

th and Sunday 5th Representatives from Za Foundation will be attending the exhibition on Weds 1st, Saturday 4

We are especially grateful to @Bristol for hosting our exhibition, Liz Bird curator of the display and for help from the students of University West of England in pulling it together.

If you would like to donate money to help us to support, educate and inspire young people then please visit our website

or you can contact us at PO Box 182, Bristol, BS20 1BA, telephone 0117 230 7778.

Registered Charity No. 1135748

December 2010 and we would be pleased to meet you either at the exhibition or at a separate meeting to discuss the exhibition or other aspects of our work.

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