BNI to re-launch in Weston-super-Mare
26th November 2010
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BNI returns to Weston-super-Mare


Paul Dickinson, of  Dickinson Business Finance, (you can check his details on his feature,  ) is a Director of BNI. Paul has first hand experience of the power of the BNI networking and referral system and he now wants Weston’s businesses to also benefit. 

So he is inviting you to a launch meeting on the Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare, at 12.00 on 1st December.  A number of executive members of BNI from chapters in the Southwest will be along to share first hand testimony of how BNI has helped them grow their businesses. 

According to the BNI website (2010-11-26):

There are currently 5,778 BNI chapters and in 2009, BNI members gave 6.2 million referrals, leading to business worth £1.6 billion.

In the UK and Ireland alone, there are 646 BNI Chapters that in 2009 gave 659,066 referrals, leading to business worth £230 million.”

With an impressive record like this, BNI can well boast of being a successful business networking organization and the proposed re-launch of BNI in Weston-super-Mare must surely be good for the area.

As  networking organization, BNI tends towards the more formal structure whose strength lies in its adherence to strict rules which focus on the core objective of forming a strong network of businesses which support one another through using a system of referrals to help members with business.

BNI was started 25 years ago in United States by Dr Ivan Misner and is now recognised as the world’s largest referral network.

Will attending the meeting on 1st December on the Grand Pier , Weston-super-Mare be worthwhile? I’d say “YES  - see you there!

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