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Helping Weston-super-Mare dog owners keep control of their pet! Woodview - for specialized dog training.

Is your dog behaving him or herself?

Would you like more control when out walking your dog?

Does your dog run off and not come back when you call him/her?

Do you have problems with your dogs habits around the house?

Is your dog agressive or does it bite?

Or, perhaps you have just bought a puppy and want to train your new dog to be a well-behaved pet.



Every dog owner will have a different problem that they may want to tackle and Woodview may just be the answer.

Woodview Boarding Kennels, near Weston-super-Mare offer dog training and obedience training classes to owners in the area.

Nick Weston has 16 dogs of his own and runs Woodview Boarding Kennels and Cattery based in Wrington, only 15 minutes from Weston-super-Mare.  Nick has over 20 years experience working with all sorts of animals however specializes in training dogs and dog breeding. 

Nick offers a individual consultation to discuss what level of dog training that you are looking for and will tailor a programme that is individual to you and your dog. 

Nick believes that it is essential for owners and dogs to have a basic understanding of what behaviour is acceptable and what is not and he can help you to achieve what you want from training your pet.

So.... do not put up anymore with that naughty dog or pup and call Nick to find out what he can do for you.



For complete dog obedience training close to Weston-super-Mare - call 01934 862712 -
and speak with Nick Weston.



Please mention
when calling Woodview for dog training.




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