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I think you’re amazing. . . Well you are. It’s true. There, I’ve said it.



Unfortunately, there is always a business, charity or service down the road, up the hill, round the corner, which is even more amazing than you; who has something even more amazing to offer. Sadly, it's no longer just enough for people to believe that your product 'does what it says on the label'. They want to believe in you and what you do - and they'll go elsewhere if they don't.


Hurts doesn't it?


That's why, what you say in your advertising (and how you say it) is vital; it can make or break your business. Poorly chosen words (Copy) do not sell. Excellent Copy on the other hand means more customers, more sales, more business, more money, and more points with your customers (and we know what points make!). will take what you want to say, and say it better; leaving that business down the road standing (evil laugh).


Fantastically worded stuff will suck in money like a Dyson.


After all,


  • It's okay to have a great website - but is every word working its socks off?


  • It's okay to have an incredible Product or Service - but do you have the words to sell it?


  • It's okay to have an email campaign - but how do you get people to open it? How do you avoid the SPAM Filters?


  • It's okay to have top Google Rankings, Ad Words and SEO - but what words on them will make people click through to your site?


None of this, makes people want (or think they need) your Product. Only persuasive, powerful words that make an impact with your customers will do it. Who needs bad advertising in a struggling economy?


Put simply, good advertising sells. Fact.

So, for a fresh, original approach, and concise, commanding Copy that will give your business the edge - come to me.


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