Wildlife in Westminster
6th July 2010
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Despite being in the heart of the non-stop capital city of London,  a thriving and diverse community of plants, animals and microorganisms call Westminster their home.

Astonishingly, there are 634 different kinds of flora and fauna recorded in Westminster. Nearly one quarter (that's more than 500 hectares!) of Westminster's total area is protected because of its wildlife value!

The following wildlife have been spotted in Westminster:

  • Many different species of birds: The robin, dunnock, blackbird, song thrush, starling, blackcap, chaffinch, coal tit and goldfinch are all regular visitors to Westminster's parks. Within the Royal Parks, even the tawny owl, stock dove and great spotted woodpecker are known to breed.
  • Invertebrates including the stag beetle - one of Britain's largest beetles.
  • Small mammals, including hedgehogs, foxes, grey squirrel as well as five different species of bats, the common and soprano pipistrelles, Daubenton's, noctule, and brown long-eared bats.
  • Many plants, including the rare cornflower, chamomile, native bluebell and London rocket.
  • Reptiles and amphibians, including frogs, toads and smooth newts.

There's lots to see and do right on your doorstep, so why not get outdoors and go wildlife spotting yourself!

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