Westminster Reveals New Plans To Tackle Congestion
8th March 2011
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Westminster Council has announced new plans to help ease congestion in Central London by removing dozens of traffic light and one way streets.

To tackle the hard core of motorists who run up hundreds of pounds worth of parking fines, clamping and towing will also be reintroduced. These announcements came as the council was due to set its budget priorities for 2011/2012.

Although the council has to make £60 million in savings over the next two years, key initiatives mapped out for the next 12 months include:

  • Improving major public thoroughfares, public spaces including Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and removing street clutter in time for the Olympics.
  • Offering the opportunity for local residents to take over some council services i.e. letting members of the community manage one of Westminster's parks.
  • Boosting school standards with a goal of helping 75% of pupils to achieve 5 A-C GCSE grades by 2012.
  • Starting a major housing renewal scheme that will provide 2,500 new mixed community homes in the borough.
  • Turning Westminster's public spaces into a giant open air gallery in time for the 2012 Jubilee with installations donated for free by some of the world's best artists.

Cllr Colin Barrow, leader of Westminster Council, said: "We remain committed to delivering what people want and what they need. Some of this will not be easy. Some of this will not be without pain. But we will continue to deliver where others seemingly cannot.

“We have a clear strategy to protect the front-line so that we are able to continue to deliver on residents’ priorities. We believe that we should be as careful with public money as the residents on whose behalf we are spending it. That means a relentless determination to preserve front line services, at the expense of back office and managerial costs.

“Our approach is about small government making a big difference. It is about spending less money on administration and more money on where it delivers positive change. Difficult decisions have to be taken in tough times but we will protect the most vulnerable, deliver low tax and deliver clean and safe streets."

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