The Girly Festival Survival Guide
11th May 2010
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Many might agree - festivals are one of the most fun bits of summer! I only started going to festivals a couple of years ago and now I always look forward to the atmosphere and taking some time out with my friends.

As to which festival you choose, it’s really up to what sort of music you like and how long you can go without home comforts! Be warned though, If you get any tickets for V Festival now you'll be extremely lucky - however there are loads of festivals to choose from so don't be too disappointed!

Survival at festivals really depends on whether you’re male or female, and if you’re female, how you're going to cope with no straighteners and not much opportunity to wash! It's really important to remember that unless you’re willing to pay to put any belongings or valuables in a secure area, you need to keep your luggage to a minimum! To illustrate this, my long-suffering partner tells me that trying to fit a large suitcase in a two-man tent is not a fun experience. On the subject tents, don't be tempted by those funky pop-up ones without a bit of practice in putting them away again. When we arrived at Bloodstock last year two of my friends looked very smug when they just popped out their tents and sat with a beer straightaway - when it was time to go home we had taken down our tent 40 minutes before they figured out how to get the pop-up ones back in the bag. Needless to say, they weren't so smug then!

There are a few festival essentials that are small but offer a bit of peace of mind. I’d recommend travel shampoo and conditioner (if showers are available on site) or dry shampoo which is cheap, quick and effective!. Then there's the usual bits and bobs like plasters, baby wipes and of course the not-so-glamorous items …loo roll and hand sanitiser, for example! I’m off to Bloodstock again this year, and judging by my list of things to take, we’re going to need a bigger tent.

If camping or a weekend away is not your thing, there are plenty of local one-day festivals featuring some great bands. So you get great bands and the opportunity to support local musicians and venues, all while not having to travel miles and miles to get there. West End Live is a great example of a local festival and features some world-class performing arts, you can find out more by checking out the rest of the blog page.

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