Ideas for Father's Day
15th June 2010
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Father's Day is upon us again this weekend, but fear not - we've got some great ideas for gifts and things to do. Forget those "funky" socks and boring ties, I think Father's Day deserves a bit more thought and what's more, your Dad will love you even more for it.

1) Why not  treat your Dad to a portrait sitting with Andrea Vanancio, a professional and experienced photographer?

2) How about a stylish new wardrobe? You'll find beautifully made clothes for Dads of all shapes and sizes at GentleMen Corner.

3) Enjoy a meal fit for a king at the superbly authentic LAmenara Moroccan Restaurant

4) If you're looking for a recommended Italian restaurant in Westminster, the Zonzo Restaurant is a great choice.

5) Why not try Austin Kaye for a great range of watches from big names such as Seiko and Citizen?

6) Have that special photo professionally framed by Hang My - lots of choice and excellent service

I hope this has helped give you a few ideas for Father's Day - if you're wondering what I'm getting my Dad it'll be a box set of the original Star Trek series!

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