Get The Most From Your Local Library
15th June 2010
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You're never far from a local library and many services are accessible from the comfort of your own home! When you join one Westminster Library, you'll join them all, opening an entire world of information, books and events.

Westminster boasts a total of eleven lending libraries, which all have their own identities but are part of an integrated service. Whilst all Westminster libraries offer computers for public use, events and a variety of activities, lending libraries aim to offer a huge selection of items to take away.

The resources in all of Westminster's libraries are available on the e-library service, where you can renew books and request items online. There are over 600,000 adult and children's books for loan and you can take out a maximum of 20 books or magazines at a time, eight DVD's, eight CD's and eight audio books.

All eleven lending libraries have special areas set aside for young people, with a great range of engaging fiction, non fiction and graphic novels. Libraries are also great if you're looking to hire music and DVD's at really competitive prices, you'll find blockbusters, latest hits and all your classic favourites.

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