Film Review for Clash of the Titans
7th April 2010
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I found Clash of the Titans to be a good way of killing a couple of hours on a boring Sunday night, it was certainly jam packed with some great CGI monsters - a definite improvement on the 80's version in that department. However I found the script really let the film down, but then again, in Hollywood there's nothing a bunch of giant CGI scorpions can't fix!

The story follows Perseus, who is the son of Zeus, as he tries to save the city Argos from the wrath of Hades and his monster pet, the kraken. Perseus journeys across wood, desert and mountain to the three witches  (who are definitely much creepier in this version!) to find out how to kill the kraken. They also let him leave on the cheerful note that his mission is doomed to failure and they will all die trying.

With the help of gifts from Zeus and his guide Io, Perseus makes it to Medusa's lair at the edge of the underworld. One look from Medusa turns living creatures to stone but Perseus manages to cut her head off after a fierce battle. Then, just in the nick of time, Perseus manages to get back to Argos, save the Princess Andromeda before the Kraken eats her, turning it to stone with Medusa's head. Cue happy ending where Perseus gets his girlfriend back from the dead, Hades is sent back to the underworld and everyone in Argos is happy as a clam.

Overall, I can't recommend Clash of the Titans to anyone looking for an intellectually brilliant film, but I'm quite ashamed to admit it was quite entertaining! If you want a film where you can just sit back and relax without much thinking about plots and dialogue, Clash of the Titans is for you.

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