Children in Westminster Active and Healthy
12th October 2010
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According to a report published last month, the majority of Westminster's children are healthy and supported by the services available across the city.

The report showed that 94% of school pupils in Westminster take part in teo hours of sport per week, which is a 55% rise from 2005/06. Another positive aspect of the report was evidence that 100% of primary school pupils were eating healthy fruit or vegetables every day. However, one area where improvements could be made is dental health, as over half of the children surveyed in the report had not seen a dentist for more than six months.

Westminster Council currently provides 130 hours of free sporting activities every week, including boxing, football, basketball and athletics. In addition, children's centres across the area are providing parenting activities. This will help parents to become actively involved in their children's education through support from advisers.

Cllr Ian Adams, chair of the council's children policy and scrutiny committee, said: "This research shows that there are a range of activities and services on offer to enable children in Westminster to be healthy. Overall, a small proportion of children require intensive health and social care services but the majority of children are healthy and safe. Councils have a role to play by investing in the right services and supporting families across the city but parents also have a responsibly to support and encourage their children to be healthy."

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