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vFloorplan is the world leader in interactive meeting and event floorplans.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bEstablished in 2015, Westminster based vFloorplan creates visually exciting, online, interactive, searchable and lead generating floorplans.

What they do is ground-breaking and the first of its kind.

vFloorplan brings your venue ‘alive’ – on screen for all your prospective customers.

It makes it easy for anyone to clearly understand what meeting, event rooms and spaces you have, how they can be setup, where they are within your venue, where nearby rooms are for reception or breakouts, say.

More importantly, our rapidly growing client list of prestigious venues like QEII centre in London, Emirates Stadium and many more will tell you that it meaningfully helps you to get additional bookings.

Your interactive vFloorplan sits on your website and visitors interact with it on their desktop or mobile devices, making your venue a lot more engaging, user-friendly and accessible.

No matter how complex your venue is or how many floors you have, vFloorplan will provide clarity and their instant x-ray search of your capacities matches the desired event size to your capacities which will be clearly highlighted in rooms on the floorplan and your capacity chart.

And with only a couple of clicks they make an enquiry direct to your sales team.

Working with hotels, conference centres, sports stadiums – anywhere with meeting and events spaces - vFloorplan is proven to significantly increase leads from your website as well as generating millions of pounds of online enquiries with a high percentage of converted sales.

Many prestigious venues throughout the UK and USA including the largest dedicated conference centre in Westminster, The QEll Centre, the iconic Arsenal Football Club, the prestigious KIA OVAL cricket ground, and in the USA, Horizon Convention Centre, have all seen significant increased uplifts in enquiries and bookings as a result of adding vFloorplan to their websites.

Roopi Woodall, Marketing Manager of QEll Centre, had this to say: “A key feature of vFloorplan for us is the simplified one-click enquiry form which makes it simple for an event planner to submit their interest to our sales team. The feedback we have had on vFloorplan has been fantastic, and our sales team use it while on the phone to clients as it is a much more interactive way of engaging with prospective customers. It really does bring our venue alive.

Don't let your customers be confused by the array of rooms and spaces you have, talk to vFloorplan today.

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