Winter Checklist for Motorists
12th November 2015
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A quick winter checklist for motorists in Welwyn Hatfield 


You should have a minimum of 3mm tread to ensure good road handling in wet and icy weather – so get them checked.  Better to be safe than sorry. If the winter turns out to be cold, then consider opting for winter tyres for extra safety and also check your tyre pressures at least once a month.

Windscreens and screen wash

Low winter sun can be dazzling, so keep windscreens really clean inside and out.  With increased rain, renew worn wiper blades.  Add 50% screen wash to keep visibility good and to reduce the chances of the water freezing in very cold temperatures. 


Check coolant level regularly – or ask your garage to do this for you – and top up with the right antifreeze if necessary. 


The most common cause of cars failing to start in winter is a problem with the battery. If your battery is more than 5 years old, then it may be worth asking your garage to check it for you. 


Lights can get really dirty at this time of year – clean them regularly to make sure you can see and be seen. 

Locks and door seals

Stop doors freezing shut by rubbing Vaseline on door seals.  WD40 sprayed into door locks will stop them freezing. 


And, if you are planning on a long journey in bad weather, be prepared for long delays – keep fuel levels above ¼ tank, take phone chargers, blankets, screen wash, drinks and snacks, a torch and reflective jacket.  And if it snows – a shovel!


Happy and safe motoring.


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