Why and where to get winter tyres in Welwyn Garden City?
30th January 2015
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Winter tyres are made of a different rubber compound compared to summer tyres.  This compound is designed to work better, and so be safer, at temperatures of under +7 degrees centigrade.  The rubber compound used in winter tyres stay flexible at lower temperatures which means your car has better grip on wet, slippery and icy surfaces.

At 30mph a car fitted with winter tyres will come to a standstill after 35m on a snow-covered road.  This compares to 43m stopping distance required with normal tyres.  That is two whole car lengths.  Winter tyres are therefore much safer when the weather is cold.

When should I have winter tyres fitted?

In the UK it is recommended that winter tyres be fitted between October and April.  If you do not want to go to the hassle of swapping between winter and summer tyres, then it is generally recommended that you stick with winter tyres all year.

For a free tyre check and/or winter tyres, please visit Supertyres.

What is the recommended depth of tread on tyres in winter?

The legal limit for tread depth fo car tyres is 1.6mm but it is safer to have 3mm in wet weather.  Ensure your tyres are correctly inflated as this will also improve the way your car handles and can save you money on fuel.

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