Welwyn Roofbox Hire: Safely reclaiming the foot wells!
9th February 2018
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Many reading this will already be thinking about and more likely planning a trip in the Spring & Summer months. For many not venturing abroad by plane, that will involve a road trip to be made by car in the UK or to France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and many other mainland European countries. A major consideration for such a trip is what to take with you and given you can’t leave the spouse or the kids behind, everything else becomes negotiable. 

How often have you asked the kids in the back to stop moaning and squeeze up just a little more so you can get just a couple more things in there just in case you need them whilst away.  Packed out foot wells, knees in the air. Cries of are we there yet?  Loaded parcel shelves.  Squished front seat passenger!! All sounding far too familiar?  

There’s the more worrying side of all this involving the basic physics of what happens in that worst case scenario if you should have an accident….all those items packed in the main cabin of a car and not properly secured, become missiles propelled at the same speed as the car itself.  Don’t dwell on it but equally don’t dismiss it as the safety of you all when travelling is of paramount concern. 

A solution for you 

Our aim, with our low cost roofbox hire is to expand the possibilities of what you can reasonably and safely take with you.  Not just in the car, but on the car.  We’ve four sizing options from long and slim, to short and wide to the mother of all roof boxes, a 630L beast for the largest of  cars. If you’re not sure of what capacity this represents, think of 80L bin bags…multiply by 8 and it’s pretty much the same cubic capacity. That’s BIG!

Looks great 

We have focused on a particularly streamlined model of roofbox, the Thule Motion, to ensure that you’ll be more than happy to be seen with this fantastic addition to your car. 

Safety first

We only use Thule products which are genuinely industry leading. For quality and safety.  Our roofboxes are regularly checked to ensure that they are in excellent working order.  We provide a handy little guide about how to get the best form your roofbox whilst on hire. And at the time of fitting you’ll get a thorough briefing on the correct usage to ensure a safe an enjoyable trip.

What else can we provide?

Roofbars & fittings from stock for almost 400 models of car, bike carriers, ski carriers…and so the list goes on.

Want to find out more? 

We’re an award winning business with over 300 5 star reviews ready & willing to show you how to cost effectively address the issue of a lack of space.


Simply call 01438 289030 or complete our online quote request via this LINK to quickly get a quote that will truly demonstrate the cost


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