Top 5 reasons why small and medium-sized businesses in Welwyn and Hatfield need to market online
30th January 2015
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We know from studies and experience that increasingly consumers use their phones, tablets and computers to browse and search for products and services before making their purchasing decision.  Large companies can devote huge budgets to maximising this route to market – but it need not cost a fortune.  In fact, it offers a very cost-effective way for small and medium-sized businesses to grow their customer base through regular, low-cost personalized communication.

Below are 5 reasons why internet and social media marketing should form a key part of every small and medium-sized business’s marketing strategy.


The internet and social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, enable you to be open for business 24/7.  Consumers can shop when it suits them and if you are not out there, they may well go somewhere else.  Even long-term customers may get tempted away from you by the availability and offering from a competitor online.


This term is used to refer to your potential market – the number of customers to whom you can make your products and services available.  The internet means that your potential market is much larger than it might be if people had to come to you physically.  If you are a small, specialist shop or service out of the town centre, it allows potential customers to discover and purchase from you.  If you use Twitter and build a following, retweets can put your name in front of potential customers who didn’t even know they needed you - or even that you existed.


Online marketing costs less than many forms of traditional marketing – be that newspaper advertising, leaflet drops, brochures – and targeted  well it has a much higher success rate.  It also enables you to react quickly and fill quiet times with immediate offers and promotions in a way traditional marketing has never done.


Using Facebook, Twitter and internet marketing gives you the opportunity to understand your customers and their needs better.  Online analytical tools enable you to build profiles of their interests and purchases so you can make targeted offers that meet their needs.  You can schedule calls to action or send reminders (flowers for Valentine’s or MOT test due) that do not cost you much in time or money and that build loyalty as they can be seen as part of the service.


The more personalised approach internet and social media marketing offers lets you build better, stronger relationships and so can help improve customer retention.  Emailing relevant information and offers helps you maintain the relationship and builds a loyal following.  Using customer reviews of your products and services cements the relationship and adds strength to your marketing message.

If this all sounds a bit daunting and you would like some help, then please contact us at thebestof WelwynandHatfield.  For the cost of a cup of coffee a day we can help you develop your online and social media presence and help you boost your visibility on Google and other platforms.  Please give us a call on 01707 229807 and let us get together to see how we can help.


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