New Years Resolutions!
2nd January 2010
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My New Year Resolutions for Twenty – Ten


Let’s face it New Years Resolutions are made to be broken! What’s the last one you kept up for the whole of the new-year? Don’t we all make the same ones every year, and break them every year! Well this year is going to be different – Why, because it just is!


My New Year Resolutions to my members are as follows:


1/. Get lots more business for as many business members as is possible.


2/. Get lots more business members to participate in the various aspects of the best of welwyn garden city that they really don’t seem to appreciate, especially the many business owners that never come along to networking, or make any use of the events and blog pages.


3/. Find lots more great local businesses to promote and showcase.


You’re probably thinking – What about my personal New Year Resolutions concerning myself and my family? Well if you think I’m going to speak about those here, you’re out of your tiny mind!


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL – hope it’s a healthy and wealthy one.

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