Environmental Population Networking at North Mymms Park
22nd July 2009
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Went along to a networking event held by Environmental Population at North Mymms Park yesterday afternoon. Great venue which I didn't know existed as it is so well concealed down a country lane. Once I cleared security I discovered the most beautiful setting. The facility is owned by GSK the pharmaceutical corporation who have always had a strong presence in the Welwyn Garden City area. 

These networking events are regularly held by Environmental Population and attended by companies who care about our planet and feel strongly about their green obligations. There were about 30 delegates present representing virtually every type of business and commerce.

Two presentations were given by Duncan Kerr of Glaxo Smith Kline and Dr. Mike Page of University of Hertfordshire, both of which were very educational and entertaining. 

During the doctor's presentation he mentioned the work of another eminent professor who works out of UH called Richard Wiseman. I thought he painted a fascinating picture of the life and work of the professor, and when I got back I immediately purchased 2 books on Amazon written by him. One called The Luck Factor and the other titled Self Help in 59 Seconds.

I read another book sometime ago called The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr and I'm hoping the two books above are something similar.

Has anyone reading this blog read any of these books and want to start a thread about anything mentioned in them?

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