Cherish your reputation - it's the most valuable asset you have
23rd April 2018
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I’m nearing the end of a major building project and it’s been an education. Not just in managing a new build (which I could write a book about!) but in how small businesses operate.

I’ve been delighted with the majority of the companies I’ve employed. They’ve been a credit to their professions, co-operative, communicative and have generally done a great job.

They took some finding though!

It never ceases to amaze me how many small businesses don’t do the basics well. So many don’t return calls, ignore emails, fail to turn up when they say they’re going to or don’t follow up a meeting with a quotation. 

Most of these same companies claim to rely on word of mouth for their work. Well I’ve got news for them – word of mouth works both ways.

Your reputation is the most valuable asset you have. And it’s only as good as your last job.

Things may be rosy right now but it won’t always be like that. And when times get tough only the best will survive.

So my advice is to cherish your reputation and cultivate your brand. Be responsive professional and honest. Return calls and emails promptly. And if you can’t fit a job in just say so – people will appreciate your honesty, you won’t have wasted their time or yours and your reputation will be enhanced.

After all you must be good if you’re so busy.

If you’d like help seeing the wood for the trees, developing your business or with local marketing please get in touch with me on or 07834641652.

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