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They left me, a pregnant woman, stranded at the train station without calling to say the cab was delayed elsewhere and wasn’t even on its way to me. We had to call, wait for them to find out, and then hear that they couldn’t even say when the cab would arrive for. Had to cancel it and call a friend to come get me. When I called a week later to book a taxi I tried to ask how late they have to be to call and tell me they’ll be late (so I’m not just standing waiting but can decide to cancel and make other arrangements) and they argued with me saying they don’t wait for late passengers - so they weren't listening to my question, I had to repeat myself 5 times till they understood. In the end all they could say is they don’t call if they are late. So, what? I’m supposed to freeze and watch free cabs come and go while I hope my booked taxi arrives at some point, but if i'm more than a few minutes late they don't have to wait for me?
Unfortunately the receptionist was incredibly rude to me when trying to gain a quote and arrange an account. Our company will certainly never use Lee Cabs which is a shame as they were recommended by another taxi firm in the area.
We have used Lee Cabs when travelling to the airport for our family holiday. They offer a professional service and got us to and from the airport safely. They are very child friendly as they looked after our child seats for a week whilst we were away. Well recommended and if you get Bill as the cab driver, then expect a laugh!
Having just experienced the airport chaos recently, I would certainly recommend an airport transfer to make your journey stress free. Lee Cabs not only have a large fleet of cars, but they are very professional and offer a great service.
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