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Wellness Direct is a trusted specialist and distributor of Dynamint™, the ultimate pain reliever, in Wellingborough and Rushden.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bConstant muscle pain and joint problem can affect the quality of your life. Instead of getting out there and doing the things you want, you are confined to your room because of the pain. Now, you can enjoy life through a brilliant product that has helped individuals.

Wellness Direct is licensed to distribute Dynamint™, a highly effective muscle cream, roll-on and spray treatment. How the product was discovered is quite interesting. Originally produced as a treatment for dairy cattle who were suffering from sore udders, the cream seemed to ease the labourers’ aches and pains, especially for those with arthritis. Feedback was given to the manufacturers, which led to tweaking of the ingredients and market research. After 2 years of comprehensive research and tests, Dynamint™ muscle cream came to fruition.

It’s now manufactured in the UK and fully compliant with UK and European cosmetic law. Because the product is meant to be used for general wellness, manufacturers make sure it’s made from natural ingredients. 85% of cosmetics are created with Paraben, and may cause cancer. This sets Dynamint™ apart from other cream pain relievers as It's completely Paraben-free!

The main ingredients include Peppermint Oil (for that calming effect and effective sore muscles relief), Eucalyptus Oil (an antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient), Tea Tree Oil (for skin infections and fungal infections), and Calendula (known for its anti-inflammatory properties and speeds up the healing process).

When Dynamint™ is applied, you will love the peppermint scent and cooling sensation. It’s not greasy and won't leave any undesirable stains on your clothes. The product is also ideal for use before training and alternatively, can be applied after exercise.

What customers have to say about the product:

“Amazing product really helped me with my aches and pains.”

“Love this, couldn't live without it, would highly recommend for sore muscles.”

For more information, call 0800 015 3235 or email info@wellnessdirect.co.uk. Wellness Direct is licensed to distribute to wholesalers, retailers, sports injury clinics, pharmacies, sports outlets, sports clubs and individuals.

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Member of The Top 1%