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DEMAND (Design and Manufacture for Disability) designs and builds innovative products, ranging from the simple to the complex to transform and improve the lives of disabled people and those of their carers and families in and around Watford and throughout the United Kingdom.

At DEMAND we believe that physical or mental impairment should be no barrier to dignified living or opportunity, which is why we apply our technical knowledge and expertise to help anyone living with disability to achieve more.

DEMAND is a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities.
Our clients range in age from pre-school babies and toddlers to retirement and beyond. Their difficulties also span the full disability spectrum with the majority struggling to cope with debilitating conditions, such as cerebral palsy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury and sensory impairments, many have multiple disabilities. DEMAND’s services are based on genuine need and provided free of charge to people with disabilities.


At DEMAND we bring together medical professionals and the DEMAND designers and craftsmen to create special equipment for children and adults with serious disabilities, when no other solution exists. Often a piece of equipment can be all that is needed to transform the life of a person living with disability, yet there is no public sector funding to support our work and it is uneconomic for mainstream manufacturers to make highly specialised ‘one-off’ items of equipment.

Our work helps people live more comfortable and independent everyday lives, gives people the chance to take part in leisure or sporting activities and helps to speed recovery from disabling injuries.


Our team can modify and adapt people’s own disability equipment to work better for them. Often clients are in possession of a piece of equipment that doesn’t quite fit, such as a wheelchair, an eating aid or walking frame and because one size does not fit all they may need our help in adapting it for their individual use. DEMAND have the skill to make it fit.

As well as these two services with also operate a recycling and refurbishment programme, whereby we collect used disability equipment from local authorities that they have set aside for scrapping. Using our skill and experience we refurbish and re-issue these items to the disabled people in our community and further afield allowing the charity to help many hundreds more people whilst recycling goods that historically have gone into landfill.

Our support in the community does not end there. DEMAND also help young people who are studying design and engineering prepare for the world of work through our education programmes, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Disabled people are twice as likely to live in poverty as compared to their non-disabled counterparts and the annual cost of bringing up a disabled child is three times greater than for a non-disabled child. Without DEMAND, many of these families would struggle to get the unique and life changing equipment they need.

The families that we help rely on DEMAND and DEMAND is dependent on the goodwill and generosity of donors.

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