What Would You Do To Get Our Local Villages Thriving Again?
5th April 2011
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Monday evening in Lymm and I'm at the Spread Eagle pub on the Brow.

Not a bad way to finish the working day you'd think. But no.....I'm here as a guest at the Lymm Traders lastest meeting to discuss how the village can attract custom and give them such a great experience that they will keep coming back and of course tell others.

Lymm faces challenges just like any other village or town around Warrington, Cheshire, the North West and beyond.

It could be Culcheth, Latchford, Stockton Heath, Appleton or Grappenhall we were discussing.

Times are difficult and people, like you and me, are more selective about when and where they want to spend there hard earned disposable income.

We discussed parking issues, road works, promoting the village, promoting local events, supporting each other and talking about actions and not just moaning! There needs to be action or everything stays the same....doesn't it?

The forum was well attended and the debates well versed. Overall I enjoyed it and was pleased I'd been invited.

But it's all about action and to be fair there was some great ideas to explore and deliver. And I'll keep you posted about the outcomes and how it's all going to help and support the village, it's traders, it's community and it's visitors.

But here's the question.


There was 30 people at the meeting last night, which is good, but there's alot more out there in the community!

Your comments are most welcome and I'll be happy to pass them on to the Lymm Traders group.

Many thanks & please get involved by leaving your comments here.

PS - By the way. If you have an event local to Warrington, why not list it with us absolutely free of charge?

Here's the link - http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/warrington/events/add





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