Warrington - one of the happiest places to live?
23rd January 2011
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I was talking to a young chap the other day, and to be honest, we were discussing how 'slow' my business was going in the current economic climate. We also got onto the conversation about whether there was actually a need for coaching and personal development in Warrington.

His reply to this did somewhat surprise me. The chap in question had actually moved from Norwich (from experience, it is easier and quicker to get to Tenerife than it is to get to Norwich from Warrington!) because he believed it was indeed one of the happiest towns to live in.

Now, in this unprecedented econimc situation we find ourselves in today, with reports that visitors to our town centre are diminishing and job losses increasing, I do wonder if the people of the town see that it is the happiest place to be.

However, is happiness brought from economic stability? Happiness should be unconditional, found from within and nutured through love and kindness. Is our town leading the way for understanding these principles that make our life the best if can be?

I would be interested to hear what you think about this? Are you happy and living your life in abundance - whether this be monetary or not? If you are, then that is truely wonderful. However, if you are not, then perhaps there is a need to help the people of this town to appreciate that everyday is indeed a gift to be cherished and enjoyed?


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