The dangers of ignoring your annual pension statements
21st August 2012
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We have all done it, received an annual pension statement and filed it away “somewhere safe”, never to see daylight again.

Although this is a sensible thing to do in terms of security and knowing where the information is.

Is this just a case of hiding the investable questions that need answering?



  • ·         Are my pensions performing as they should?
  • ·         What fees am I being charged?
  • ·         Will I be financially secure in retirement


The pension market doesn’t have a particularly good reputation in recent years, for transparency and performance. This is where we set ourselves aside from the crowd.


We pride ourselves on being open, honest and totally committed to working with you as our client to achieving your desired retirement goals. On day one and in the years to come.


By leaving your preserved pensions in that “safe place” you are more than likely losing hundreds if not thousands of your pension fund value over the years. This article explains how the switch of inflation tracking for pensions, from the Retail Price Index (RPI) to Consumer Price Index (CPI) is destroying their value.


Don’t risk your retirement by burying your head in the sand. Consider the alternative.


The testimonials and recommendations we regularly receive from our clients only confirm our objective of catering for the growing demand for alternative investments to play an increasing part in client’s investment and retirement planning needs.


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