Strictly Come Dancing- A tour experience!
11th February 2012
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Went to the Liverpool Echo Arena on Sunday to watch STRICTLY COME DANCING – THE TOUR, the tickets for which came from one of Janet’s Christmas presents.


It was a 1.30 kick off and the weather forecast as at Saturday wasn’t good. Thankfully the snow and sleet had cleared by midday Sunday, the sun was shining and the roads were clear.


I have to say what a thoroughly enjoyable experience the whole event was. We parked in the Arena car park, and from there it was a short walk to the theatre. Everyone was helpful and positive. Even the car park man smiled (it may have been wind) and there were plenty of staff around to offer guidance. The security was discreet but plentiful. Okay, so there weren’t the problems associated with a pop concert, but there were quite a few belligerent pensioners roaming around looking for trouble.


The programme price gave me toothache, but one can’t be churlish on these occasions, and it did come in a bag with some score numbers as well. While the event was not a complete sell out, all the lower tier of the arena was completely full, with the only empty seating high up in the galleries, not bad for a Sunday afternoon. The lighting, the sound, the orchestra was all top quality and the dancers were, of course, brilliant. The stars of the show (the 7 contestants and the judges) were as lively and entertaining as on the tv, with Robbie Savage, Nancy Dell’olio, Anita Dobson and Mark Foster the support team to the real stars, Harry Judd, Chelsee Healey and Jason Donovan. It must be said all 3 danced magnificently, full of pace and power and with skill and passion as well. Votes were by text only from within the audience only, and once again Harry took the first prize. But these events are not so much about winning, as bringing the Strictly razzmatazz to a live audience. Everyone went out happy, even the belligerent pensioners.


We went for some food to the Albert Dock, then returned to the car park, as the early birds were beginning to arrive for the evening performance. There was help at hand at the pay station, to make sure tickets were processed properly and cards and money were inserted in the right holes at the right time. The car park itself was well lit and signposted. Soon we were on our way, ticket in the slot, barrier open, back out on the road heading for the M62.


A truly well-managed experience, Strictly Enjoyable. A-maz-ing.


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