Shoplifters steal £400k from retail businesses every day!
17th January 2011
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It's going to be a tough year for businesses in 2011.

We read about it daily but we work hard and ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure we have a great year.

And then you read the headline - £400k stolen from UK retailers every day!

You don't need that do you! In these challenging times it's important to remember that profit doesn't just come just from sales and cost control.

Without doubt the best form of theft deterrent in the retail sector is first class customer service.

No shoplifter wants to be seen nevermind be spoken to!

The great thing about great customer service is that it has an incredible 'double positive' effect on your business.

It stops them shoplifters in their tracks for sure. But it also drives your sales and reputation as a retailer who cares and wants to do business with everyone.

Try offering great service to every customer that walks into your premises today. I bet it feels good and your sales will be happy too!


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