Pension misery for workers in their 50's
23rd July 2012
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Are you making the right preparation for your retirement?


Whether you are coming towards your retirement date now, or are just beginning your working career. There has never been a more important time to review your situation and ensure you have a plan in place.


Many people plan to survive solely from the State Pension in their retirement. Does £171 a week sound adequate for you?


Myth: "There's no point saving for retirement - it just means you get less State Pension"


Fact: The amount you save has no effect on your State Pension. Whether you have savings accounts, personal pensions, property or other sources of income, your State Pension will remain the same.


This article highlights the position many people in their 50’s now face.

Although this may seem quite worrying, the good news is that we are here to help and can assist you in building a pension fund that meets your individual requirements.


Through a detailed analysis of any preserved or “frozen” pensions you may have, we can work with you to ensure this money is active again and working for you.


We are helping and supporting people all over the UK in making the right decisions about their future consider the alternative approach to pensions.


Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) give you the control and flexibility to take ownership of your retirement goals. They also provide a transparent and modern approach to pensions, where the traditional route may have let you down in the past.

Pensions and Investments aren’t only a thing the wealthy can consider. We pride ourselves on making “that” difference to all our clients.


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