Corrie - What did you think?!
7th December 2010
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Well it's 50 years since Coronation Street appeared on our screens and last night it was literally all over our screens!

The tram crash, the carnage, the guessing. Who will survive and who will be joining Jack & Vera in the Rectory in the sky?

I've got to be honest. The drama was great. The story build up was strong if not a little busy for a cobbled street in Manchester. But the tram crash.........? For me Corrie & CGI should not be in the same script. Don't get me must have been technically challenging but if it's going to look that unrealistic, just stick to the drama & leave the CGI or whatever it is to Disney & Speilberg.

Now the guessing begins. Who's are the four funerals? I wonder. I bet you've had a bet though haven't you?!

Wrap up warm and enjoy the next 50 years of Corrie just don't have nightmares about them trams.....!


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