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Stagecoach Walsall, Walsall

It is amazing I would like to be an actress and it has really helped me improve and up my experience and confidence. It has taught me a lot about theatre and helped me make lots of new friends with similar interests. The teaching is excellent and the teachers all give you a chance to get your point across have lead roles and have as much contribution as possible. Laura has also made further stages a place where the older kids can become close and have more mature teaching and performances. This term we did a mix between the wiz, wizard of oz, and wicked it was a lot of fun and had lots of opportunities as we made up the lines ourselves and had all people similar ages to us. I have only been at stagecoach walsall for a short period but I love it here and they have made me feel very welcome and we are all very close like a family they have also given us opportunities to help out in precessional productions by filling in forms and watching the brilliant actors. I really hope I get far as an actress and stagecoach has really helped me.