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Regal Carpentry and Home Improvements, Lichfield

Regal is a small firm but well equipped and well resourced. Its working Principals and specialist sub-contractors are all of pleasant disposition, appropriately qualified and experienced and also receptive to suggestions and discussions with the Client when the variations that are an inevitable part of any building project become apparent. Work within an occupied domestic environment is carried out with sensitivity and disruption and mess kept to a minimum. At the end of each working day, unfinished operations are left clean, tidy and, above all, safe overnight. All in all, Regal is a reliable and trustworthy firm.

Leamore Windows, Walsall

Ours was not a straight forward project and we were a little apprehensive but were really pleased with the end result.

Cathedral ChemDry, Lichfield

Faced with black printer ink on pale carpet, a great result.

AC Electrical & Security Services Ltd, Walsall

A swift and efficient service with a pleasant and diligent approach to work. Highly recommended.