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Duncan James Menswear, Walsall

Absolute spot on! If you want traditional wedding attire but you are not an usher or a groom just a guest wishing to wear tails then Duncan James is the place to go to. The staff were most helpful and diligent with sizes, sorting out you and what's needed or required. They were friendly and relaxed too! I would highly recommend them and the cost was pretty okay too.

Walsall Rugby Club, Walsall

Walsall Rugby Club has to be one of the most sociable places I know in Walsall. It's full of great people, new faces, very friendly, full of laughter, superb social events, lively entertainment. The mini and junior rugby is also enjoyable for some social networking on the sidelines! To enjoy a fine game of rugby then socialise afterwards in a great atmosphere club is what it's all about.

W.T. Hill & Son, Walsall

Great place for great meat and a good banter. Great guys and dolls in the best butchers in Walsall. They help out with food at school fetes and rugby club dinners. Highly recommended.