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Tattoo Removal

07 January 2016 16:21

Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed?

Tattoo Laser Removal

09 June 2015 20:03

Have you or a friend got a bad tattoo??

Tattoo Laser Removal

25 June 2014 16:53

Laser Removal of tattoos by Steve at Eerie Ink

Piercings in Walsall

24 June 2014 21:47

Piercing at Eerie Ink Tattoo Studio in George Street.

Charity day at Eerie Ink

19 May 2014 19:19

Eerie Rocks! Another fundraiser.

Make sure your Tattoo is spelt (or spelled if you prefer) correctly.

"Luis quos amo deserviam" is the tattoo on Sunderland striker Connor Wickham's chest, according to several online newspapers this week... we really hope this isn't the case!

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