Your water, your way. FRIIA water tap systems now available from Coinadrink Limited the vending company.
28th October 2020
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Water dispensers are a fantastic way to keep your staff and visitors refreshed and hydrated on site. And choosing a water tap system such as the innovative new FRIIA tap is a convenient way to enjoy cold, hot and even sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Coinadrink Limited is a trusted vending supplier that can tailor our FRIIA water tap systems to suit your requirements, with lots of varieties available for us to recommend. Learn more about the benefits of a FRIIA tap, and why it could just be a fantastic option for your business. 


Whilst Coinadrink also supplies plumbed-in and bottled water dispensers, water tap systems set themselves apart by offering greater flexibility. 

FRIIA water taps from Coinadrink Limited, the vending company, can deliver hot and cold water, and you can add a sparkling option if required. Available with both three and eight litre water tanks depending on the size of your workplace, FRIIA water tap systems are sure to fit in to yours. 

An undercounter boiler and chiller is hidden from sight, leaving the crafted beauty of the tap on prime display. You can set the temperature of the hot water to suit your tastes, meaning FRIIA tap systems can help deliver the perfect tea or coffee. Meanwhile, the chiller supplies beautifully clear water to keep your team hydrated. 

Simply touch the soft rubber buttons atop the tap system to dispense whatever you need. The hot water button has a handy safety switch to prevent scalding; just press once to deactivate and again to dispense. 

Behind the wonder of the FRIIA taps are key details that leave a lasting impression. For example, these tap systems are some of the most efficient in the industry, making them a fantastic all-in-one option for both cold and hot beverages. 

Effortless in its function, a FRIIA water tap system could just be the go-to refreshment solution for your business.


On average, it is believed that we spend 60% of our day at work. For many people, this time will be spent undertaking tasks that require focus and concentration. Keeping yourself hydrated is a simple yet effective way to stay productive and this is something you’ve been saying yourselves: a third of office workers in a recent study said that not drinking enough water damages productivity. 

And even though the weather is starting to get cooler, the importance of staying hydrated still remains. 


A FRIIA water tap system might be what you’ve always been looking for, you just didn’t know it. 

Ideal if you have a large workplace with a high volume of staff, FRIIA taps can deliver everything your team need at the touch of a button, all from a stylish and efficient design. 

Contact Coinadrink Limited about a FRIIA water dispenser today and enjoy the benefits of an industry leading customer service plan and hygiene standards.

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