YMCA Open Door Host Chronicles - Enas' Story
30th August 2017
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This is Enas, one of our lovely Walsall Hosts. We caught up with her to find out why she does what she does.

How long have you been a Host Enas? 

I have been a host for 2yrs and 8 months

What made you become a Host?

I was looking into renting out my 2 spare bedrooms, when one day a leaflet was delivered to my house, advertising for family homes with spare rooms to help young homeless teenagers. I looked into this and called Rachael (The YMCA Open Door Project Manager). I thought to myself, I would rather give my home to young people to enable them to have a fresh start in life, as they deserved it more. Adults have more chance to stand on their own two feet.

What's the best thing about Hosting?

Seeing the young person’s change and develop is one good thing; and knowing I am giving them achance in life is another. I am glad I was able to help them and I am still watching over my long term placement; who has now moved into his own place and he is going to be an usher at my wedding.

What’s your fondest memory from your time of being a Host?

A Christmas where I placed a smile on one of my other placements face, as he hadn’t had a Christmas for 6 years I asked him to help decorate our Christmas tree and I placed presents in a Santa sack for him on Christmas-eve. He said it was his best Christmas ever! That to me made it all worthwhile. Along with other very fond memories in taking my long term placement for a weekend away to see my family.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of Hosting?

Give it a go as all young people are different from each other and they all have a good heart inside them and all they need is to be loved, accepted, and cared for.  At my wedding are 2 of my longest placements who were like brothers to each other, I cannot wait till they meet again on the day.

To find out more about becoming a Host:

Visit: www.ymcabc.org.uk/opendooror

Call: 0121 524 1974



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