Why You Have to Make Sure You Have Everything Set up on the Day
16th August 2013
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If you are organising an event, regardless of how big it is, you will need to make sure that all is in place for you.  There are various reasons as to why you have to make sure you have everything set up on the day, but it is basically about making sure your day goes off without a glitch and problem.

Imagine, for instance, that you have a 10.00am conference and find out 15 minutes before it starts that the projector is actually broken.  Or imagine that you arrive as the event is about to start and there aren’t enough tables and chairs, or they have been set up completely wrong.

Most of these issues can be organised with the owner of the building in which you are holding your even, but you need to go and check to make sure that there are no last minute glitches or issues.

You must check on everything that you have arranged which is why you should always get to your venue early.  Check that the table settings are right, that the temperature is correct, that all your electrical systems are working and that there is sufficient coffee, tea and water available.  Also make sure that lunch is to standard if it is included, and that you have taken into consideration any people with allergies or certain dietary choices.

All of this is of huge importance to make sure that you don’t cause unnecessary stress to yourself, but also so that you leave a positive impression on the people that come to your event.  It doesn’t matter whether this is a business event such as a development day, or a personal event such as your wedding.  Your goal is to leave a positive impression and to make sure all of your guests are comfortable for the duration of the event.

With corporate events in particular, it is likely that you will leave a feedback sheet for each delegate that attends and your goal is to make sure you only receive positive feedback.  This can only be done if everything is working the way it should be, from the level of lighting in the room to making it clear where people need to sit for their event.

Organising the perfect event is impossible.  There will always be someone who isn’t happy with some part of what you have arranged.  However, by making sure everything is ready on the day itself, you will minimise the amount of criticism you will receive, ensuring that what critique you do get is constructive, rather than negative.

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