Why the man who has everything, feels like he has nothing.
8th September 2023
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The current number one Netflix documentary ‘At home with the Furys’, starring Tyson Fury, a professional boxer and undefeated heavyweight world champion. Gives a realistic insight into how mental health affects individuals and their families. Importantly, it demonstrates the power mental health has over people, it does not choose its victims, not even the family man, blessed with a beautiful wife, six incredible children and the world supporting this worldwide champion.

Mental health is a very serious concern and a very real condition of which encompasses a wide array of different illnesses. In the case of Tyson Fury, he suffers from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. As a mental health advocate and CEO of CAB Inspirational Ltd, I work with people struggling with mental health problems. The purpose of my business is to inspire people and let them realise their purpose, self-worth and feel in control to enable them to use focus and routine in their lives as vital coping strategies, whilst awaiting professional treatment.

As in the documentary, Tyson strongly highlights the importance of having a purpose and a routine as part of managing his mental health conditions: boxing, training and exercise. Because mental health is a condition for life and those who struggle have a lower threshold for being triggered, it is realistic to prepare for when an episode of mental health decline happens, rather than if.

Additionally, Tyson Fury is blessed with family and friends who always support him and understand his complex needs. This evident unconditional supply of love, kindness and support is precisely one of the reasons that people can cope better with mental health. At CAB Inspirational Ltd, find out how to support others through their mental health with some basic tips, understanding and supportive approach.

Tyson Fury has done more than be a world champion and incredible husband and father, he has taken the courage to open up to the world about his mental health struggles, which are evident throughout the documentary on Netflix.

He has normalised mental health and he has highlighted the importance of understanding his needs, his coping mechanisms and importantly – No matter where you come from, who you are or what you have in your life. Mental health is a very real battle, a struggle each day for not only the individual but also the families.

You are not alone!

 Written by Cheryl Ann – CAB Inspirational Ltd 25.08.2023

CAB Inspirational Ltd is a West Midlands based community empowerment company. Their aims are to increase positive mental health across the county and help people realise their potential. This is facilitated through inspirational speaking and mental health courses. All services are offered face to face or online and can be delivered as a group, as an individual or bespoke services can be offered

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