Why take dance classes in Walsall?
29th November 2017
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Dance is a chance to have fun, meet new people, learn and develop a new skill. It is a way express your personality ….. it’s lucky there are so many dance forms to choose from, all with their own different style and expression.


Dance is a social skill that stays with you for life. It has for me, and for pupils of mine, who stopped classes when younger for various reasons but have rediscovered their love of it as adults. It’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends and simply have fun.


Dance is an excellent way to improve strength, co-ordination, stamina, and flexibility. It is great cardiovascular exercise.


Dance allows people to progress their skill through dance awards and exams, it allows people the opportunity to perform but, most of all, it allows people to have fun and feel good!


Russon Dance Academy offers a wide range of dance classes for children and adults of all abilities. Classes range from ballet and street dance to modern jazz and more! To find out more call, 07910 869 748.

Author: Karen Russon
Principal at Russon Dance Academy

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