Why Should I Hire A Magician For My Wedding?
3rd November 2015
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No two weddings are the same, and it’s important to you that YOUR special day has magical memories for both you and your guests. A Close up magician can make your day even MORE MAGICAL


Why should I have a magician at my wedding?



There are various times during the day that a magician is very useful, particularly as guests can be waiting around.



1. Just after the ceremony, the Bride and Groom usually have their special photographs taken. Guests either move on to the reception venue, or are left hanging around if it’s an all in one venue. This is a perfect time for a magician to perform "Ice Breaking Magic". It is quite common that the two different families have not before, and there can be some apprehension and nerves. Owen Performing magic up close and in the guest’s hands can get everyone in "the mood" whilst waiting for the Bride and Groom to arrive.


2.Just prior to the Wedding Breakfast, guest can again be standing around getting impatient as they want to sit down and eat. Again, this is an ideal time for them to experience close up magic and it passes the time and makes for happier guests. Owen will mix and mingle in amongst the guests and entertain them during this period.



3. The Wedding Breakfast can often be a long process, especially with speeches before/after the meal. Table magic at each table can help quell guest’s impatience between courses. It also helps people interact once they have sat down, as there is every possibility they have not met before. Owen will get the whole table involved in his tricks so no one misses out, regardless of age.



4. There is often a natural "lull" between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. Guest can often be left "sitting around" for an hour or two with nothing to do other than "enjoy the facilities". Close up magic is a perfect time passer during this period to stop the guests getting bored.



5.The evening reception is again an ideal time for close up magic. Evening guests arriving may feel awkward just standing around and again there will be two sets of guests who have probably never met. Mix and mingle magic/walk around magic will integrate the guests into the spirit of the day.


Okay, I would like a magician at my Wedding. Why should I choose Owen Strickland?

Lots of reasons!!


1)Positive Feedback! Firstly, please take a look at my Feedback from previous happy Bride and Grooms. There are lots on both my Facebook page www.Facebook.com/owen.magic and website www.owenstrickland.co.uk. These are all real reviews, and I can happily provide email addresses/details for every single one of them for you to speak to and tell you about me. Please also take a look at the reviews on my Best Of Walsall profile on the "reviews tab". These are verified by BOW, so you know they are REAL reviews and not "made up"



2) Photographs! Take a look at the many photos of previous weddings I have done and the reactions I can get. These will provide you and your guests with brilliant memories of your day that will last a very long time. Again. there are many many photos of me performing on both my website and Facebook page. I ensure my website and Facebook are updated regularly with current photographs, to prove I am working regularly at Weddings throughout the Midlands.



3)Special Tricks! I perform some "special tricks" for the Bride and Groom. It is their special day after all, and the tricks involve "keepsakes" to remind them of their special day. These often get mentioned on the wonderful feedback I get.



4) I don’t rush off!!! If you book me for the pre breakfast drinks/bride and groom photos session, and then the Breakfast session, I don’t put a time limit on it. Most magicians will quote for 2 hours, and I don’t think that is right. Its highly likely that the bride may be a little late for the ceremony (it is her prerogative after all!!) and that the photographs overrun. This means guest may well be very late sitting down for the breakfast. If a magician was contracted for 2 hours, it may mean with the day overrunning he only ends up performing for an hour.



NOT WITH ME!!I do not put a time limit (within reason!) on these sessions for exactly that reason. I’m my experience it is normal for the day to overrun, and I feel I should be flexible and accommodate that.



5) Special offers! I offer the use of a lovely white Post Box for the day when i am booked at a wedding via the Best Of Walsall, and run other offers throughout the year. Please ask for more details of what I can do for you.



6) Flexibility .No two weddings are the same, and there is a need for magicians to be flexible to reflect this. I will fit in with YOUR requirements as I recognise its YOUR Special day and nobody else’s. This year I have performed as Same Sex Weddings and Visually Impaired weddings.



8) I’m cheaper than the cake!! Guests will not be talking about the cake for months after the wedding, but they will about me



As a very nice guest recently said at a wedding “Owen you arrived as the magician, you are leaving as our friend"



Please email or call me to discuss YOUR Special Day. I am regularly at Wedding Fayres across the Midlands so ask me where I am and come and see me in action. I feel it is very important with any entertainer that you see them work in "real life" and I welcome it. I also offer discounts at Wedding Fayres and sometimes "free gifts" to add to your day.

 This is a showreel of what I can offer on Your Special day





My Facebook is www.Facebook.com.


 My Website is www.owenstrickland.co.uk


 My email is owen@owenstrickland.co.uk


 My Twitter is @owenmagic73


 My Mobile is 07742 263000.


As of November 2015 I have 36 weddings booked for 2016, 10 booked for 2017 and a couple already booked for 2018.



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