Why is my lawn patchy?
21st June 2021
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With all the lovely summer weather we have enjoyed, followed by a well needed spell of rain, your lawn is most likely suffering from the UK's most common lawn condition known as Red Thread.

What is Red Thread?

Red Thread is a fungus that appears as pinky-red threadlike strands on the leaf. The leaves that are attacked by the fungus will turn a yellow/brown colour and then die off.

THE GOOD NEWS IS...it will not kill your lawn and is only temporary! The fungus dies off very quickly, however it can leave your lawn looking very unsightly and patchy. It will only affect the leaf of the plant, leaving the roots unnaffected and still as healthy as before.

When Can Red Thread Appear?

Ultimately, Red Thread can appear in your lawn almost any time of year, dont panic... I can assure you it is nothing you have done.

In fact, quite often if you have red thread, so too will many others in the area as it spreads and grows during humid conditions, often following warm and wet weather.

How Can I Prevent/Cure Red Thread?

Although unavoidable and most lawns will experience problems with it at some point in varying degrees, there are some preventative measures you can take to improve your lawn's resistance to the fungus.

  • Correct feeding regime - your lawn may be suffering due to receiving the incorrect amount of nitrogen, speak to a lawn technician for help with your lawns feeding requirements.
  • Proper mowing techniques - Damaging your lawn through incorrect mowing can cause it to be more susceptible to an attack. Ensure your mower blade is sharp and mow at the correct height for the weather conditions.
  • Avoid evening watering - As this disease will spread with warm and wet conditions, early morning is a much better time to water your lawn. Evening watering creates humid overnight conditions and will encourage further spread.
  • Improve soil structure - Your soil health is very important to the roots within lawn, if there are underlying issues with thatch levels or compaction, your lawn will have a much lower disease resistance. Regular aeration and scarification is one way to help improve this.
  • Avoid the use of fungicides - Although there are many fungicides on the market which can control Red Thread effectively, it is advisable to note that these are often expensive and there is no guarantee that the fungus will not re-occur as soon conditions are right for it again.

In Summary the Advice is:

Feed, Grow, Mow. Keep up with a good lawn maintenance program and your lawn will soon bounce back to a lovely shade of green.

Not Red Thread?

Although Red Thread is the most common lawn disease in the UK, there may well be one of many other lawn conditions or problems you are experiencing.

If you are concerned that the patches within your lawn are not Red Thread and want further advice, please contact Greener Gardens Lawncare today.




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