Why is making a Will so important in Walsall ?
2nd February 2011
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Without a Will, the Government will decide who inherits your possessions, property and money.  Will they distribute your hard earned cash in a way you choose?  By making a Will, you can decide who exactly gets which assets and how much.  This could be almost anything from your personal possessions to your pets.


If you have children, arrangements can be made for them if one or both parents die.  Also, unmarried partners and partners who have not registered a civil partnership cannot inherit without a Will and you may leave them with serious financial problems.  If you have recently married, any previous Will you have made is invalid and you need to make a new one.


You can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax you pay or even eliminate it altogether and all charitable donations are free from Inheritance Tax.


By making a Will, you can sort out misunderstandings and help avoid disputes after your death which may result in considerable legal costs, reducing the amount of money left for loved ones.


Making a Will is just a phone call away.

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