Why do you need first aid training?
1st June 2016
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Nowadays First Aid is a highly sought after qualification. Whether it’s to be taken through the workplace for legal reasons or for one’s leisure, it is Important to know why it is not only so well regarded, but also why it’s a necessity for outside of work.

It seems pretty straight forward; your friend slips over and bumps their head, you slap on a bandage and ask them how many fingers your holding up ... job done? Right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as a First Aider you would be trained in all aspects of care in an emergency situation or in a short time period.

First Aid is also the aftercare and identifying what the injury could have caused through the process of elimination. If we use our earlier example, there are many things that a small knock to the head can cause. A First Aider will be able to assess, identify and rectify these until a paramedic arrives (it’s always safe to call one anyway, when in doubt never take the chance).

This all sounds daunting to someone with no experience in the matter, but everyone can do it and it’s a qualification which helps to build character.

Below are our 5 reasons for you to complete your First Aid training:

  1. It’s a life skill

First Aid is a little bit like a dash cam, better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. You’re not expected to save lives but you will have that potential and ability. Most First Aiders will only ever come into contact with minor incidents.

  1. Employers are more likely to employ a First Aider

First Aid is a nationally recognised workplace qualification that you can possess. Employers prefer potential staff that are already trained in the area. It adds a string to your bow that others may be lacking in. Employers please note it is illegal to not have a First Aider on the premises at all times.

  1. It covers all aspects of injuries

Whether it be full scale Cardiac Arrest or a paper cut, you're covered.

  1. It Demonstrates that you are Responsible and Reliable

Being a First Aider shows initiative and a high level of responsibility. It displays that you have taken it upon yourself or have been chosen to be trained in this field. Let's face it, we all know someone that we would entrust ourselves with if we felt ill, you are that person to someone else! A First Aider has no legal obligation to intervene in an incident, however it is down to what YOU believe to be the right thing.

  1. Anyone can do it!

It doesn’t take a medical Physician to learn First Aid, all can participate! Regardless of gender or background, it is key that everyone is able to apply themselves if the need was to arise.

Hopefully we have helped you identify a few of our reasons for completing First Aid course. Remember though, you're never legally obligated, and never put yourself in any danger, one injury is better than two!

For further information, please email Lewis at lewis@cpctrainingsolutionsltd.co.uk or call 0121 552 6806

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