1st October 2015
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In Surgery -

Professionally done by a qualified dentist
Safe and comfortable environment
Takes about an hour – much quicker than home whitening
Can use a laser light which is more effective – however can cause sensitivity to the teeth

Home Whitening -

Custom made trays which are designed precisely to fit a patients teeth
Treatment will take place overtime in the comfort of patients own home
Gentle whitening over 2-3 weeks
Minimal sensitivity
Long lasting
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The Dentist

57 Liskeard Road



Call: 01922624900

Email: dhsdentist@gmail.com

Visit: www.emergencydentistinbirmingham.co.uk 

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The Dentist is a private practice that matches NHS prices every weekday up until 8pm. It has a unique 24/7 Emergency Service to offer patients, which includes all bank holidays! We open at very convenient...

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