White Gold Replating in Walsall
29th March 2012
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I had noticed my 18ct White Gold engagement ring starting to look discoloured compared to my newer wedding band. I took my ring into Stirling Jewellers in Walsall for their advice.

Stirlings explained that in order to enhance the white gold, a plating of Rhodium is applied. Rhodium is a white metal that is part of the platinum family and when applied to white gold it is produces the brilliant white colour that you see. Unfortunately when this plating wears off the true colour of the ring shows.

Depending on the quality of the colour determines how often rhodium plating needs to be applied. This had not been explained to me properly when purchasing the rings from a different jewellers some years ago, so it was interesting to find this out.

I arranged for Stirlings to re-plate my ring, it was ready within the week and I am delighted with it!

I would highly recommend a visit to Stirling Jewellers, not only to view their fantastic range of jewellery to purchase but also for their jewellery cleaning services including white gold re-plating.

My ring is back to its original glory and sparkling once again!

Stirling Jewellers :1 The Victorian Arcade, Walsall, WS1 1RE - 01922 623905 




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