When will the Solar Eclipse 2015 be seen in Walsall?
18th March 2015
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On Friday 20th March there will be the first Solar Eclipse in this Century.

Whilst the start of the Eclipse over Walsall  takes place at 8.25 am it will be at its maximum at approx 9.31 am finishing at 10.41 am

It is forecast to be up to a 90% Eclipse when seen in Walsall

The current Weather forecast is Sun and Cloud so fingers crossed there is a good chance of seeing the Eclipse.

Please remember that you should never view the Eclipse with the naked eye, through binoculars or a telescope or sun glasses.

A safe and cheap way is to make a pin hole viewer or use a Kitchen colander

Pin Hole Viewer

Pinholes allow light through them and can create an image like a lens. Make a small hole in a piece of card using a compass or other sharp-pointed implement. Standing with your back to the Sun, position another white card behind the one with the pinhole so that the Sun projects an image onto it.

An alternative method uses a cereal box or something similar. Make a pinhole in one edge, point it towards the Sun, and a tiny image will be seen projected onto the inside of the box. A piece of white paper or card placed inside will make it easier to see.

Never look through the pinhole at the Sun.

A Kitchen colander

Another method is using a household colander allowing the holes to create an image on white paper

Take an ordinary colander and stand with your back to the Sun holding it in one hand and a piece of paper in the other.

The holes in the colander can be used to project multiple eclipse images onto the paper.


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