When Tree Surgery Work May be Done
18th November 2012
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As a general rule, tree surgery can be undertaken safely at almost any time of year when the sap is not running too actively and the weather is not cold enough to freeze cement, if this is being used. In most trees the sap will interfere with the work only while the buds and leaves are expanding in the spring. Cement work will be ruined if it is frozen before it is set. It is not likely to be injured by frost after setting for a few days.

A badly diseased or injured tree should be removed and replaced by a healthy one unless there is some very special reason for trying to preserve the tree. This applies particularly to an old tree that has been in poor condition or in poor soil for some years. Such a tree rarely recovers completely from the shock of extensive or elaborate repair work on the trunk; in fact, it often deteriorates more rapidly thereafter.

Two axioms of tree-repair work (tree surgery) that should be borne in mind constantly are (1) that prompt treatment of freshly made wounds is the surest and most economical method of preventing disease or decay in the future and (2) that all wounds made in tree surgery work should be cleaned, sterilized, and protected from infection just as thoroughly as in the case of animal surgery and for exactly the same reasons.

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