When do the clocks go back in the UK?
19th October 2016
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It's that time of the year when we say goodbye to British Summer Time and return to GMT.

This means that the clocks go back and it will start to get darker earlier.

It might feel like it was only summer all of two minutes ago, but autumn is here and there's not much longer until winter will be making an appearance too.

But good news, mornings will be lighter and you'll get to spend an extra hour in bed (unfortunately only on the day the clocks actually go back - not every day throughout winter!)

The UK reverts to Greenwich Meantime at 2am on Sunday, October 30th 2016.

That means that when the clock strikes 2am, all clocks will be turned back to 1am at that time.

But remember that you will need to change some clocks manually on some appliances.

How will you spend your extra hour?

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