when diet and weight loss goes wrong, Walsall Personal Trainer has the answer.
1st January 2011
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And the highest obesity rate in Europe goes too...

Drum roll please...

The West Midlands.

...As you may have heard in a recent study that has received popular attention from the national press. How embarrassing.

Well from a personal point of view clearly I am not doing enough to convince you lot to eat clean healthy and nutritious food and take part in physical activity. Or,,, the media, your friends, and every man and he's dog are sabotaging your plans to get fit and in shape.

But there is good news - I have recently had a surge of new sign up's to my outdoor fitness boot camp in Walsall Wood's Oak Park following the new year, new you resolutions being made.

And although I am happy to see this, and the many thousands that will be cramming the gyms after work, and just generally the fact that people are doing something about what they have moaned about most of last year.

It ain't all sunshine and lollipops.

As it happened last year, and the year before that and so on. The majority of the new years resolutions to get in shape this year will fail.

I am writing this article today to save you from the same (simple) mistake that 95% of the population made last year, who set out to get fit.

They didn't set a definitive goal.

But you'll have to do a little more work than to just scribble down your goal.

You see at fatburnerbootcamp.com our members with a pen and paper write down their goal and then next to it they will write exactly what they will do to achieve this goal.

For example:

step 1) I will lose 1 stone of ugly fat from my body so I feel confident walking down the beach in my swimsuit for my holiday in July - step 2) I will achieve this through attending 3 boot camp workouts each week and follow the meal plan Paul has set me -

Step 3) DO IT!

In fact, the Just, do it bit, may be the biggest obstacle standing in your way from success.

Notice in the example above how we will create an image when we write out our goal. Firstly the "1 stone", gives us an exact target, and then the "ugly fat" creates a bold image that will sink your goal into your subconscious mind. Finally we complete the goal with how it will make us feel as we see ourselves post-achieving that goal, "walking down the beach feeling confident in my swimsuit."

I will then get my clients to read out their goal to themselves twice a day. I will also get them to place physical reminders such as a dress 2 sizes too small that they will hang up in a place they will see it every morning as they wake up.

Yup, every detail is covered when you train with me.

Goal setting is the most important thing you must do to succeed. In anything. And since we are all wanting to get into great shape this time of the year, let's ensure we are in the top 5% of people who achieve their goal by simply following the steps above.

To summaries.

Write out your goal - and then read it out twice a day, first in the morning when your brain waves are ideal to allow your goal to sink deep into your subconscious mind. And then once in the evening before you nod off.

Next to your goal, I want you to write down exactly what you will do to achieve your goal.

Finally go out and do it, what have you got to lose, except ugly fat?

Thanks for reading,

Paul Wilson
www.FatBurnerBootCamp.com - click the link if you want to learn more about my outdoor fitness boot camp in Walsall Wood that guarantee's you will drop a jeans size in under 1 month.

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