What's in your Crepe this Christmas - in Walsall
4th December 2014
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What's your favourite crepe filling... As Christmas fever takes over we've been enjoying the carols and Christmas lights and sharing our scrumptious crepes as we go!

Many folk will always choose the Classic, Lemon and Sugar, always a good one! Some choose our delicious White Chocolate and Jam, others our Lemon Meringue - but no these have only been also rans so far this year - even the Banana and Maple Syrup isnt the most popular! So what is...?

Well its our familiar friend Nutella, lavishly drizzled across a crispy crepe with a handful of mini marshmallows sprinkled on top. The Nutella warms to liquid heaven and the marshmallows swell as they heat and melt..mmmm... Gorgeous!

What would you choose?

Have a look at our menu page and feast your eyes!


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