What you need for a complete audio/visual package
8th August 2013
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Businesses and organisations often need complete audio/visual packages for meetings or events.  These are generally provided through external companies, although venue holders usually have limited products available themselves too.  If you are having an event, you may want to know what you need for a complete audio/visual package.

Renting an AV Package

Unfortunately, what is actually included in an audio/visual package depends mainly on who you go to, but also on your needs.  A complete package can cost as much as £1,200, but also as little as £150.  This is why it is so important to understand exactly what your needs are before you choose a package.

Generally, the most basic package will require you to bring your own laptop, and you will then be provided with a screen and projector, a mouse, a speaker, Wi-Fi, a microphone and a speaker.  From here, you can only build on to the package.  For instance, people may want a more powerful projector, as well as a full PA system.  Others may require additional microphones, and some prefer wired models.  It is also often possible to hire a technician with the packages, which naturally comes at an added cost.  There are better quality monitors available as well as lighting packages and lapel microphones.  The possibilities are endless.

Buying an AV Package for Businesses

If you want to buy a complete audio/visual package as a business, you are essentially wasting your money.  The cost of all the different pieces of equipment, the insurance that you will then have to buy and the maintenance and repair costs will all be much higher than the occasional rental costs.

Buying an AV Package for Individuals

Interestingly, AV packages for individuals are actually very different.  It is important that you know the difference between the two, or you may just purchase the wrong system.  An audio/visual package for individual people generally includes a television and a good DVD player with 5:1 surround sound.  Nowadays, the DVD player is likely to be HD or BluRay and will even have 3D technology (as will the television), and the 5:1 system will probably be a 6:1 system, which provides even better sound quality.

If you are looking for an audio/visual package, therefore, you must first understand exactly what you need and what you need it for.  That way, you won’t find yourself disappointed buying a laptop and projector when what you were really after is a BluRay player and 3D television!

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